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Eric Dashner, Owner

MHIC #87192


Eric brings more than 25 years experience in residential building and remodeling to MySafeHome. For more than a decade, he has been serving Maryland communities as owner of Finer Remodeling, a thriving small company based in the Baltimore area. Through his extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, Eric discovered a personal passion for serving clients in their advancing years who wish to maintain independence in their own homes. While Eric excels at all aspects of home construction and remodeling, he finds it most rewarding to create safe and comfortable environments where people are enabled to carry out daily activities and enjoy their home and social life at all ages and abilities.

Eric enjoys meeting with clients for initial MySafeHome consultations, and he loves the creative inspiration that emerges around any level of need – from a simple accommodation to a full-scale remodel. Wherever his clients experience obstacles and frustration in their home, Eric sees possibilities.

 “A lot of people don’t realize how many options there are today for adapting their home as needs change. If remodeling is out of the budget, there are alternatives.”

Whether you are a homeowner or a caregiver, Eric will work directly with you from start to finish. After conducting an initial assessment of home accessibility to identify challenges, goals and strategies, Eric will oversee your project through implementation and completion.

For questions, or to schedule your MySafeHome consultation, call Eric at 410-905-3742.

 MySafeHome – A Trusted Team

In addition to solutions that work, you want your home treated with care, and you need to trust its safety with your contractor. At MySafeHome, our highest commitment is to quality and integrity of work, and we love what we do.  We are:

  • Carpenters and craftsmen who see your whole home
  • Committed to quality & integrity
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We also understand that planning home modifications for independence is very personal, and we pledge to take a respectful and expert interest in your needs. Backed by strong references and long-standing experience, you can count on MySafeHome to make the modifications you need to stay in your home as long as you wish.

Call 410-905-3742 to schedule your consultation.

A Unique Residential Remodeling Company

CoupleVertical400pIt can be difficult to find a contractor that specializes in accessible design and remodeling. When others say they “can’t” or “won’t,” we say, “I can and will.” MySafeHome is a Baltimore area leader in creating environments that are not only safe, accessible, and comfortable for aging residents, but also attractive and affordable. We work in accordance with ADA and MDOD standards, and we have creative, cost-effective ideas you may not have considered. A consultation with MySafeHome is the place to start. We can help make your whole house user-friendly!

Call 410-905-3742 to schedule your consultation.

Our Mission:
Dignity and Safety While Remaining Independent In Your Own Home
Call: 410-905-3742
Independent Living

MySafeHome offers solutions today to help you overcome obstacles to your independence and improve comfort in your home.

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